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US-2013231767-A1: Systems and methods for control with a multi-chip module with multiple dies patent, US-2013237349-A1: Ball bat having performance adjusting annular member patent, US-2013239100-A1: Partitioning Operator Flow Graphs patent, US-2013245737-A1: Implantable medical lead having reduced dimension tubing transition patent, US-2013247310-A1: Gangway for Embarking and Disembarking Passengers patent, US-2013265096-A1: Load control device patent, US-2013266144-A1: Architecture for Reconfigurable Quantum Key Distribution Networks Based on Entangled Photons by Wavelength Division Multiplexing patent, US-2013267953-A1: Apparatus and methods for fracture repair patent, US-2013273635-A1: Bacteriophage killing pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus patent, US-2013282364-A1: Handheld electronic device with text disambiguation and selective disabling of frequency learning patent, US-2013291138-A1: Method to enhance yield and purity of hybrid crops patent, US-2013295696-A1: Method for transferring a layer from a donor substrate onto a handle substrate patent, US-2013313451-A1: Diaphragm actuator patent, US-2013324672-A1: Process for reacting chemical compounds in the presence of catalyst systems patent, US-2013327973-A1: Quantity Control Valve for Fuel Systems patent, US-2013331366-A1: Methods, dosing regimens and medications using anti-progestational agents for the treatment of disorders patent, US-2013337701-A1: Usb device with solderless connector interface patent, US-2013338355-A1: Process for preparing amorphous rifaxmin and the amorphous rifaximin thus obtained patent, US-2013772-A: Device for reproducing signs and lettering patent, US-2014002386-A1: Haptic feedback for touchpads and other touch controls patent, US-2014002682-A1: Imaging apparatus and control method configured to authenticate a user patent, US-2014008476-A1: Multi-functional pair of crushing plates capable of self-trimming patent, US-2014009425-A1: Methods for displaying and moving data and systems using the same patent, US-2014011491-A1: System and Method for Activating Services on a Wireless Device patent, US-2014020690-A1: Adjustable foot positioning system patent, US-2014022307-A1: Liquid dispenser including active membrane actuator patent, US-2014035678-A1: Power Amplifier Apparatus and Power Amplifier Circuit patent, US-2014041420-A1: Support Device Having Variable Security Level patent, US-2014042487-A1: Light emitting device and light emitting device package patent, US-2014053360-A1: Wiper blade patent, US-2014064010-A1: Apparatus and methods to provide power management for memory devices patent, US-2014065918-A1: Method of producing rapid heating of a cathode installed in a thermionic emission assembly patent, US-2014066776-A1: Reading ultrasound-differentiable micro-objects encoding data and implanted in a vertebrate subject patent, US-2014068534-A1: Designing Photonic Switching Systems Utilizing Equalized Drivers patent, US-2014075872-A1: Building Wall Assembly patent, US-2014078574-A1: Electrophoretic display device patent, US-2014091131-A1: Assembly jig for a semiconductor device and assembly method for a semiconductor device patent, US-2014091929-A1: Systems and Methods for Secure Alarmed Armored Protective Distribution Systems and Management patent, US-2014094718-A1: System and method for tattoo removal patent, US-2014106280-A1: Lithography methods, methods for forming patterning tools and patterning tools patent, US-2014122884-A1: Decoupled cryptographic schemes using a visual channel patent, US-2014124905-A1: Vibration noise shield in a semiconductor sensor patent, US-2014125693-A1: Selective Display of OCR'ed Text and Corresponding Images From Publications on a Client Device patent, US-2014137152-A1: Broadcast Program Scene Report System and Method, Mobile Terminal Device, and Computer Program patent, US-2014143792-A1: Event notification system and method patent, US-2014157210-A1: Gesture Based Interface System and Method patent, US-2014162610-A1: Identifying recycled telephone numbers patent, US-2014163238-A1: Synthesis of tetracyclines and analogues thereof patent, US-2014163423-A1: Strain monitoring system and apparatus patent, US-2014164546-A1: Reducing Delay and Delay Variation in a Buffer in Network Communications patent, US-2014167098-A1: Quantum Tunneling Devices and Circuits with Lattice-Mismatched Semiconductor Structures patent, US-2014180488-A1: Electronic apparatus, and control method and control program of the same patent, US-2014186993-A1: Multilayer Thin-Film Back Contact System For Flexible Photovoltaic Devices On Polymer Substrates patent, US-2014187601-A1: Antisense oligonucleotide modulation of raf gene expression patent, US-2014209224-A1: Hypergolic hydrocarbon fuels patent, US-2014210894-A1: Print speed determination based on a power budget patent, US-2014216079-A1: Method for deicing and cleaning of fans patent, US-2014220829-A1: Electrical connector with low profile patent, US-2014234435-A1: Setting of hardenable bone substitute patent, US-2014239650-A1: Cab for construction machine and construction machine patent, US-2014243735-A1: Vitrectomy probe with adjustable cutter port size patent, US-2014245505-P1: Lagerstroemia Plant Named 'Piilag B2' patent, US-2014249167-A1: Administration of NEDD8-Activating Enzyme Inhibitor patent, US-2014249918-A1: System and method for providing shopping aids and incentives to customers through a computer network patent, US-2014253353-A1: Apparatus and method for reducing sampling circuit timing mismatch patent, US-2014260447-A1: Door entry system patent, US-2014269818-A1: Heat Flow Measurement Device And Method patent, US-2014269880-A1: Communication system and method using subspace interference cancellation patent, US-2014276382-A1: Device, system, and method including micro-patterned cell treatment array patent, US-2014279542-A1: Mobile currency messaging systems patent, US-2014304644-A1: Providing content rotation during scroll action patent, US-2014312402-A1: Semiconductor memory device patent, US-2014323938-A1: Cervical collar brace with cable adjustment patent, US-2014324733-A1: Student venture management patent, US-2014325769-A1: Proprioceptive/kinesthetic appartus and method patent, US-2014334801-A1: Fragrance producing lighting device patent, US-2014339972-A1: Furniture unit patent, US-2014373276-A1: Height adjustable encasement patent, US-2014376366-A1: Ip multicast layered distribution method and system patent, US-2015029190-A1: Emission signal visualization device patent, US-2015030711-A1: Rigid core for forming tire patent, US-2015035221-A1: Printing system and control method thereof patent, US-2015044154-A1: Composition for the treatment of keratinous fibers comprising at least one fixing polymer and at least one compound of the ceramide type and methods for using the composition patent, US-2015053499-A1: Structure for preventing thermal damage to active noise control speaker patent, US-2015057110-A1: Puck-Sling 1019 patent, US-2015062526-A1: Blue phase liquid crystal and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2015071847-A1: Process for manufacturing porous carbon material patent, US-2010069572-A1: Polymeric products useful as oil repellents patent, US-2010153976-A1: Generic Data List Manager patent, US-2010181321-A1: Steam-table pan patent, US-2010232826-A1: Cooling apparatus and image formation apparatus patent, US-2010239246-A1: Wavelength and power monitor for wdm systems patent, US-2010291876-A1: Techniques for reducing noise and interference in wireless communication systems patent, US-2010321111-A1: Power amplifier patent, US-2010327918-A1: High current emitter drive unit cell patent, US-2011002521-A1: Cerebral blood flow quantification device, cerebral blood flow quantification method and program patent, US-2011125590-A1: System and method for managing and optimizing advertising campaigns managed on the internet patent, US-2011156460-A1: Child seat mountable vehicle seat patent, US-2011160266-A1: Novel Anti-Arrhythmia Agent patent, US-2011166870-A1: System and method for selling intangible property patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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